How Video Moderation Plays an Important Role in the age of social media?
How Video Moderation Plays an Important Role in the age of social media?
January 18, 2018

An estimate of around 1 million GB’s of data is transferred on the internet every minute. Such humongous data roaming around the internet has made controlling and verification of its content and the safety of such data almost impossible, well at least manually. With more than 900 million diverse users being online at all times it is hard to distinguish between genuine data and offensive, unsuitable or profane data. But this is a very serious issue which has to be overcome for the safety of the people browsing the internet.


In the very recent time we have seen incidents such as the most recent one of a popular vlogger who upload a video of himself mocking an actual dead body of a person who had committed suicide, he managed to get it on camera and published it on YouTube where it met with severe criticism or the times when terrorists and other people post videos of decapitation, pornography and other vulgar content on social media and many other popular platforms.


With such a wide reach of the internet, profanity and explicit content is becoming one of the most important issues on the internet. Such content doesn’t just hurt the users but also end up spoiling your image and credibility.


Keeping people to check each and every content uploaded on a website is very mundane, tedious, expensive and stupid! So just like everything else, why not get this digitalised too?


Thanks to our smart coders and developers this is possible using various dedicated software’s. This process of automatic sorting and verification of content being uploaded using software’s is termed as Video Moderation.


Video Moderation technology makes use of Artificial Intelligence based software’s and its inculcated algorithmic moral ethics and values to search, determine and stop any type of unsuitable content from ever getting on the internet.


The rising popularity of new terms like cyber harassment/assaults calls for such parameters to be setup for public safety. Exposure of such content can turn out to be very dangerous specially for children and teenagers whose presence on the internet is rising by the day. This type of content can have a huge mental and psychological impact on them as well as hinder or affect their personality adversely.


Video moderation software’s supported by the computers high speed processors and servers can analyse hundreds of GB’s of content in a very short time. These software have the ability to detect such content in both text and image/video format using their huge repository.


Making use of these video moderators aka internet vigilantes can help fight unwanted content, and prevent a lot of humiliation and damage to one’s reputation and also prevent hurting someone’s sentiments.


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