User Generated Content Moderation – It’s better safe than sorry
User Generated Content Moderation – It’s better safe than sorry
November 10, 2017

In 2008, Dave Carroll, a famous Canadian musician composed a song on United Airlines named ‘United Breaks Guitars’.Reason – he flew with a Guitar in the United Airlines flight and after theflight landed in Chicago, he found the guitar broken. Being hurt by the incident of favorite guitar broken, he composed a song with words like


You broke it,

you should fix it,

You’re liable, just admit it

I should’ve flown with someone else


The impact was huge.


Within four weeks of song release, the stocks of United Airlines went to 10% low which coasted almost $180 million valuations. In 2009, the song becomes aninstant hit on YouTube and it was No. 7 on the list released by the Time magazine. Plus, CNBC released a documentary on the incident conveying how customer dissatisfaction can be fought against the authorities via social media. Now, that’s the impact of UGC – User Generated Content.



The power of UGC can make the years of brand image sink in no time!


UserGenerated Content Moderation is inevitable now


The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) took a historic decision for a travel company against a famous news site, Delfi. The news site wrote a revealing story about the travel companies ferry route, about its operators and more. The travel company sued Delfi for using threatening comments to travel operator and objectionable language in the story. The jury gave a decision in favor of the travel company by demanding Delfi to pay 320 euro as the fine for brand damages.Delfi’s reader base was affected because of the incident. The need foruser-generated content moderation arises because of such issues.


Negative UGC means disappearing from user’s purchase decision list


A long-termconsumer-based brand equity – CBBE gets totally collapsed once negative UGC happens.A senior research person at Penn State’s Arthur W. Page Center Mr. Michel M. Haigh says, “We found that negative, user-generated Facebook posts significantly impact stakeholders”. UGC can be anything; a blog post, a website content, a tweet, an image, a video on YouTube or a Facebook post.UGC‘s second name is EWOM – Electronic Words Of Mouth.UGC does the same thing that peers do for us. Reading UGC is something like looking for an advice. It’s indeed a powerful source. It’s said that if a user is thinking to purchase a product, the brand which contains negative reviews starts disappearing from the list. Even if lot many positive reviews are written, it misses the turn. Quite surprisingly, brands which have fewer reviews but no negative review wins the race.


User-Generated Content Moderation can save your brand from devastation


The emergence of AI and Machine learning opened the gates of the content moderation. Now, content moderation can no longer be a manual time consuming or energy consuming tasks. Even, the automated content moderation tools can easily eliminate the manpower needed for it.


Objectionable content gets significantly reduced


Nowadays, when competition is huge, anyone can post a negative review on your wall. As it has the potential to ruin the business reputation, the commanding action needs to be taken to prevent that. It’s merely impossible to have negative reviews, but it’s possible to remove them before getting posted. A profanity filter can analyze the objectionable content before getting posted or it can remove once posted.


Higher Brand Image


Once an objectionable content gets removed from the medium, the credibility of the business stays at sustainable status. For example, if your Facebook page contains no negative comments or reviews, it would increase a trust factor in the brand image. Moreover, the positive user generated contents sets up the authenticity of the product or a business. In addition to that, even if the customer is wrong, your brand immediately addresses the issues, you’re at the top.


Spam Management


Blogging environments, forums or some community sites offer a kind of invitations to spammers. Their negative comments gave a user misleading information about certain products or brands. If you don’t allow moderation of such comments and think that authenticity is the best, then my friend, it’s the biggestmistake of the era. Your loyal customers may not give attention to the comments, but those who have just turned their faces towards your brand may get influenced. Real-time profanity moderators eliminate the swearing words or unbearable contents from the comments.


About eUnagi


eUnagi is one of the most trending profanity moderation tools that offer aplethora of brand saving options. It offers powerful features such as content moderation, forensics, tagging, integration with the system to identify and moderate profanity and much more. If your business completely runs on content, then eUnagi can help you strengthen the brand image to the level you’ve planned for!



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