It’s High Time, Social Media Profanity Needs An Ethical Police
It’s High Time, Social Media Profanity Needs An Ethical Police
October 7, 2017

Watch your words!April 18, 2013, visited a court case that initiated the urge to stop digital profanity. Hernan Perez, an employee of New York-based company called Pier Sixty, had to bear with the harsh tone of the superordinate that hurt him badly. In the midst of anger and aggression, he posted a message on Facebook containing opprobrious words. The post was made public and not only that, but Hernan urged other fellow employees to vote for it. As a result, the company Pier Sixty terminated Hernan on 9th November 2011. Hernan filed a case and the judge gave a verdict in his favor but also denoted that the company was also in a bad condition and had no choice but tolerating the profanity.


The above incident dragged the eyeballs of the company owners, especially those whose work is based on the digital content such as Facebook, New York Times, Forbes and all the newspapers, magazines, and the marketing sites. Whole digital media world finally saw the need for the solution that moderates the content eliminating the manual hours and human mistakes.


We live in a world where online interactions in terms of words, images, audios, and videos have been a routine to us. Our civic senses don’t allow us to use a profane word. But in the messy word, everybody with a different set of emotions and perceptions, it’s but obvious that profanity happens. And don’t forget that Social media came into existence on the basis of expressing emotions.


Imagine cursing words such as putangina(son of a whore), tarantado(bastard), Hayopka (You’re an animal!), and gago(dumbass) are the ones when use with a certain tone can be funny and friendly but with an aggressive or angry tone certainly igniteblast between people.On the social media, words are words, you can’t judge the tone of the opposite person.


Do you know Facebook has pointed out at this issue a lot earlier and started working towards it? Keyword moderation block-list and profanity block-list are the two bigger functionalities offered by Facebook. If made it on, it automatically filters every post and comments. It helps the company or a business to preserve its brand authenticity. This small move resulted in a huge impact on the business branding. Imagine a smaller solution does the great thing than a full-fledged solution would do wonders and imagine how easy it would be to examine profanity, moderate and fix it.


eUnagi is the bravest attempt of using AI to stop the digital profanity. The cycle of opting for it is very simple and yet resulting. The use of cognitive intelligence and machine learning drives the disciplines and strategies of content moderation. Together, both results in the competitive intelligence protecting the business values.


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