A Video Organizer Software turns Files-Heap To A Structured Space
A Video Organizer Software turns Files-Heap To A Structured Space
October 28, 2017

Robert Louis is the senior marketing executive in a reputed clothing brand of the USA. Robert is facing a different but at the same time a common problem. Daily he spends a good amount of hours in preparing PPTs, Videos and marketing images to lure the different group of customers. Doing this from last 5 years in the same company, his hard drives are filled with a lot of videos, audios, images and lots of text contents. The situation has aroused that even if he has some relevant videos already, he is not able to dig in from the heap. The time has come for the content organization especially there is a need of video organizer software for Robert.

As hard drive messes increase, the productivity decreases!

This is the problem with everybody nowadays. We spend a good amount of time online on downloading or uploading pics, audios, videos, and more. While downloading we never think of structuring the files. As a result, the computer’s drives would look like a warehouse with lots of unorganized stuff. When we need one of the important stuff, we can’t find it and we download it once again! The time and the energy get totally wasted in the whole process.

There is a checklist which makes a video organizer software a robust one!

In 2016, in the USA itself, a study was conducted for 167 employees in few selected advertising firms. The researchers wanted to understand impacts of restructuring on the productivity. After having all the file systems restructured, the researchers found out that the productivity of employees increased by 40%. It was a revealing figure and this opened the gates for cognitive intelligence-based video organizer software!

Now let’s understand the characteristics of an effective reorganizing system.

An effective reorganizing system must be capable of letting the user chose the criteria for the base of restructuring. Multiple criteria such as date created, date modified, the size, the names, the types, the author and much more can be the foundation to restructure the files. Also, a combination of two to three criteria can is required many times. A full-fledged restructuring system must have the checklist of all-inclusive criteria options.

Sometimes, while renaming the files in order to restructure, the utility should leverage a feature such as a file duplicity. Of course, there isn’t any purpose of keeping duplicate lengthy video files on the disk. This is the byproduct of restructuring but it’s impacting as it creates a bundle of space on the disk and smooth functioning of the device. This examination has to be rigorous in terms of extensions too. For an example, one file is in .mp4 format and another one is the in.AVI format, but if the content is same, then it should be called duplicity.

Restructuring can happen in many ways. The replacement of one file to another because of duplicity. For some files, the changing extension is recommended. Because, sometimes, the same file is stored twice with two different extensions. On the contrary, Some files contain two extensions. Actually, it’s a mistake but the intelligent software must recognize such mistakes and rectify them either by removing one extension or by changing both the extensions. Plus, many times some images need to be renamed using capital letters and numbers in order to make it more meaningful ones.

For the images, there are some factors like resolution and other embedded details in JPEG format. Same goes for video files. Each extension contains the embedded information to help to bifurcate the files on various bases. ID3 tagging method is a powerful method used for image tagging or MP3 file tagging. The best photo organizing software uses the cognitive tagging method to organizing the plethora of images.

Plus, the speed is a huge factor in restructuring the file system. User abandons the application which is slower, not enough as expected. The software should possess the functionality to handle thousands of files at the same time. Multiple files, multiple criteria, multiple sizes and tagging systems everything should fall in right place in order to reorganize the multimedia system.

Final Thoughts

Multimedia reorganization helps tremendously to boost up the quality and productivity of any professional. The video organizer software takes you to a level where your way of working gets smoothen and you don’t have to worry about the restructuring hassles.

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