Swipe Left to Profanity with Content Moderation!
Swipe Left to Profanity with Content Moderation!
November 3, 2017

Just picture this out – The big online event that your company is planning for months is about to go live. The graphics on the landing page are appealing. The advertisement created is creative and eye-popping. Everybody involved in the event knows what to do and when to do.

Then, suddenly someone voices out loudly and asks: What to do if someone uses profanity on the site? What if someone posts misleading, irrelevant and swearing comment on the site? How to restrict pornography? What if group post spam?

And, the answer to all these questions is: CONTENT MODERATION

Content Moderation – The Most Overlooked Aspect!

Content moderation is one of the most important and overlooked aspect of a successful social media project. A social media promotion or an event may undoubtedly look great to your audience but, if your “backstage” fails to handle content moderation, it can leave behind bad impression spot for your brand’s reputation.

So, whether you’re planning an event that lasts for few days or hours, content moderation needs to be involved from the inception.

So, Into How Many Ways We Can Moderate The Content?

There are 3 major types of moderation which as a community manager or a moderator need to consider when deciding any campaign or event.

1. Pre-Moderation:

When someone submits the content to your website and you place that content in a queue to get it reviewed in moderation before getting live to the site – That means you are pre-moderating the content.


From a user-experience point of view, post-moderation is better than pre-moderation. Here, all the content displayed on the site is replicated in a queue for a moderator to either pass or reject them.

3.Reactive Moderation:

Reactive moderation is when you rely on your community member to flag inappropriate content or the content that breaches your house rules. It can be utilized as a “safety net” alongside pre and post moderation.

Is Content Moderation Restricted To Organizations And Business?

Absolutely No!

Content moderation is not just restricted to business and organizations. Some of the leading social media giants like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook makes use of content moderation to restrict profanity that allows users to enjoy rich user experience.

Let’s have a look at how these brands enhance their user experience through content moderation implementation

Facebook – Filters Fake News through Content Moderation!

Facebook, for example, has made efforts in distinguishing fake news from real through integrating third-party fact checkers. It allows users to report and flag fake news and keep restriction on ads and lot more.

Glass Doors – Publishing Reviews afterModeration!

Glass Doors – one of the leading company reviews, follows pre-moderation approach to analyze and examine the reviews submitted by former or current employees. If found appropriate, it will be published on the site else deleted from the database.

Is There Any Tools Or Software Available In The Market For Content Moderation?

Yes, why not!

eUnagi is one of the best profanity software that allows moderators to examine and analyze irrelevant or abusive content and help them to filter out the unwanted ones in a streamlined manner. Contact us now to know more.


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