eUnagi Streamlines The Verification Process For Prestigious News Company
eUnagi Streamlines The Verification Process For Prestigious News Company
December 28, 2017

To achieve the highest level of automation in content verification at massive scale, eUnagi is proven as the best solution which significantly makes the difference in the digital-oriented world.


22nd November 2017 Mumbai, India


Recognized as one of the Top IT Consultancy by Clutch, Brainvire has developed the complete content verification solution that has helped clients to automate the process. eUnagi, the effective profanity checker software captured the attention of leading and prestigious media organization across the globe.


The client is leading news, media, and entertainment group in India, having a significant presence in various forms such as TV news channel, Magazines, leading newspaper, FM radio network, etc. As the world is moving towards intellectual solutions and automated processes, software like eUnagi can simplify processes and reduces the error-prone objects before content goes for publication.


“It is essential to identify the potential areas in business to implement such intelligent solutions. Businesses are rapidly moving towards the efficient, scalable, and rapid solution that can generate notable ROI. Implementing advanced strategy can help them do so. We are dedicated to recognize such areas of automation and address it by intelligent solutions such as eUnagi,” said, Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire.


How eUnagi Helped Leading Newspaper Company to Streamline the Verification and Scheduling Process?


The India-based client was following a conventional approach to manage overall newspaper printing plan and scheduling activities. The client was seeking to automate newspaper printing right from the order, plan, verification, and execution. To automate and speed up the entire process, the team of Brainvire comes up with the effective solution that can be used to solve all the content moderation problems.


By intelligently identifying the text, images, audio and video with profanity and offensive language usage, eUnagi does the right job for the majority of the web platforms. Whether it is a CMS, web portal, magazine websites, or social networking platforms, it is a complete content profanity verification solution.


With the use of a predefined dictionary and advanced recognition, it will fetch the content, perform the moderation check and also provides the feedback on the rejection of words. The Brainvire team developed a completely customized application that sufficed the client’s requirements.

With streamlined business processes using modern tools, client resulted in faster, efficient, and reliable profanity check.


eUnagi: Opt for Automation OR Manual Content Verification Based on Your Requirements


eUnagi works as both.


Whether you want to perform manual content verification or automate moderation process, this software is an ideal tool. By eliminating the offensive objects, the modern software can make the most of advanced technology to get the things done.


About eUnagi:


eUnagi serves as a comprehensive tool for content moderation, content aggregation, image and video processing, AI-based content management, and campaign management. It is built to meet the modern needs with the use of highly-advanced technologies.


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