eUnagi Is Setting Its Own Path On Audio Content Profanity Filtering
eUnagi Is Setting Its Own Path On Audio Content Profanity Filtering
January 5, 2018

The world is noticing a unique kind of profanity filter i.e. Audio Profanity Filter. It has come up with automated profanity filtration mechanism driven by machine learning. A brand has to pay a big price if a single objectionable content such gets viral. In such a situation, eUnagi’s audio profanity filter is helping many organizations to preserve their brand image.


Mr. Chintan Shah, an executive leadership behind eUnagi says, “Content profanity moderation has become a need for every business because every brand whether ecommerce or brick & mortar is present on social media. Through eUnagi solution, we have saved many businesses against fighting with lawsuits. Proud to say that clients loyal customer base remained intact and kept growing after successful incorporation of eUnagi with their systems.”


— Audio & video profanity is a hard nut to crack as it eats much of time to identify and moderate the content. eUnagi audio profanity filter scans the audio content and identifies it clearly. Any swearing language like sexual, violent or humiliating voice gets detected against prepopulated dictionary and replaced by the own set of actions or words. Plus, the key thing is that it offers multilingual support, too.


The IT industry has leveraged many profanity filter software so far but they apply to some website or some other internal URLs only. It’s quite rare to experience API based profanity filters where any content gets checked. eUnagi comes in both forms software and API. Furthermore, its setup process is quite seamless. eUnagi is receiving huge requests from the various media houses and behemoth organization to help them save their brand image.


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