eUnagi Presents Much-Awaited Video Profanity Filter Solution
eUnagi Presents Much-Awaited Video Profanity Filter Solution
February 2, 2018

The big enterprises and media houses were facing a big crisis. A single piece of expletive content can be proved to be an atom bomb and whole brand image can vanish overnight. Having a great repo with media houses, eUnagi took the initiative and came up with first of its kind video profanity filter solution. It checks any video content against profanity, identifies it and takes planned action upon them.


Mr.Chintan Shah, a Brain behind eUnagi shares his views, “eUnagi came as a hope for organizations to combat profanity.Till now, Various clients have taken benefits from this solution and big incidents could be avoided. Being in form of both software and API, eUnagi is proven to be the cost-effective, scalable and secure solution.”

Video Profanity Filter Solution

What makes it different from other forms of video profanity filters is that it lets you submit any kind of videos such as video clips, video testimonials, feedbacks in video form, video games, video-based applications, and more. In addition to that, it checks against cursing language such as sexual, violent, or any objectionable content as per guidelines and lawsuits. It’s developed using cognitive intelligence and keep on upgrading with every new & possible occurrence.


eUnagi is crafted in the form of API as well. So it can be easily plugged in to the in-house applications and the whole process of content submission gets automated. So any expletive content (text, image, audio or video) before being posted on the concerned platform, it automatically gets verified and moderated. Plus it comes with an easy and quick setup process. eUnagi is holding its foots with a bang because many organizations came forward and requested to develop customized content profanity filters to save their brand image.

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