eUnagi Modernizes Content Filtration for Leading Social Media Platform
eUnagi Modernizes Content Filtration for Leading Social Media Platform
November 18, 2017

Having strong content moderation strategy is essential for business.


Whether you own a website or an app, your foremost strategy is to protect your users or readers from offensive content. With this thought and necessity, Brainvire has come up with one-of-its-kind content profanity checker which automates the process and results in significant reduction in time and cost.


18th December 2017, Mumbai, India


eUnagi, the successful product of Brainvire has captured the attention of website owners across the globe with the use of artificial intelligence to filter the content. The team of Brainvire has developed AI-based software which moderates text, images, and video file before it gets published.


“Nowadays, web applications are trying to make most of Artificial Intelligence, covering broader aspects of automation. Brainvire is dedicated to discovering such areas and bring absolute solutions that can address the needs,” Brainvire’s CEO, Chintan Shah, said.


eUnagi Facilitated the Content Filtration in BragShare, Leading Social Media Platform


BragShare is social networking platform which focuses on providing users and companies with more meaningful messages. With an aim to inspire an individual, BragShare allows users to discover, aggregate, tag, share the past, present, and future milestones organizing them into the customized way.


eUnagi was successfully integrated by the team of Brainvire to shield users from objectionable content. Any content which had flagged data was not allowed to be publicly accessed by users. eUnagi intelligently does the automated checks based on dictionary as well as permits for manual content verification.


Here’s how eUnagi Protects BragShare from Offensive Content

The client asked for developing a social media platform which targets dynamic and searchable online records of an individual. Brainvire was primarily involved with the developing tasks of BragShare and suggested AI-based tool such as eUnagi.


BragShare uses eUnagi to automate the content verification and successfully eliminate the objectionable objects from media files.


Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube are widely using content filtration tools in order to eliminate violence in content. When it comes to video and image moderation, machine learning algorithms are designed to identify the offensive content as per the requirements.

Majority of the platforms are building tools to manage, identify, and eliminate the content that is deceptive. In such case, software products like eUnagi can help to intelligently review the content and reduce the time.


About eUnagi:


eUnagi is comprehensive content profanity checker which is built to automate the content moderation and filtration process. This one-of-a-kind software is essential to meet the today’s business needs.


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