eUnagi Irons Out ‘Profane Content Issue’ for Another Prominent Client!
eUnagi Irons Out ‘Profane Content Issue’ for Another Prominent Client!
October 19, 2018

About Client

A highly esteemed client of ours which is the third-largest newspaper in India by circulation and largest selling English-language daily in the world approached us to procure a robust content management solution.

Problem Faced

Because the client manages a huge amount of data related to news content circulated through numerous resources, it faced issues related to profane content. Earlier the team of industrious editors at client’s place had to manually go through all the records located at a certain location which not only consumed too much time but also hampered their working style.

Solution Given

Due to this tiring and laborious process of manual checking, the client was looking for an automated moderation system which could handle a large volume of content and analyze it with scrutiny for any profane content pieces involved in it.  Also, a solution that gives the client the privilege to discard or edit the inappropriate content.

Peculiarities of Our Software-

After going through the issues and requirements of the client in detail, we came up with a robust solution that contains prominent features-

  • The client can submit their website’s URL or access our product API to submit the content for profanity check.
  • To accomplish profanity-check in the content, every submission done on the client’s portal has to pass through eUnagi’s moderation engine.
  • Content containing flagged data cannot be publically accessed by the users.
  • eUnagi performs these automated checks using a predefined dictionary and also allows moderators to opt for the manual content verification process and override the content if needed.

Technologies Used-

Our team of experts proficiently work on technologies comprising MVC.NET, JQuery, C#, Web API, SQL, Cognitive services and Google API’s.


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