eUnagi Helps Top Education Website to Automate Content Profanity
eUnagi Helps Top Education Website to Automate Content Profanity
December 18, 2017

Artificial Intelligence is now part of our lives.


Known for delivering excellence in wide-ranging digital transformation solutions, Brainvire’s effective product, eUnagi was successfully integrated with leading student-oriented website that is owned by one of the leading media & news companies.


AI gets smarter and that is why automation of processes become easy. From reminding dates to suggest daily activities, AI is certainly making new paths towards more streamlined and automated business conduct.


With such present scenario, eUnagi, AI-based content profanity checker was used to check for content profanity. In order to protect users from violated and offensive content, the client asked for the complete automated process to moderate the content before submission.


On this achievement, CEO of Brainvire, Mr. Chintan Shah has shared, “eUnagi is a successful product of Brainvire. As the industry gets smarter day-by-day, it is a major responsibility to navigate people to the better digital world. To bring the change, Brainvire introduces an effective tool for content moderation which becomes a necessity for the majority of web portals. We try to make a difference with our one-of-its-kind products and it has helped many renowned organizations.”


Student-Oriented Website Benefited by eUnagi: Here’s How


With an ultimate aim to effectively check content profanity, eUnagi smartly does the automated checks based on the custom dictionary. It allows moderators to check the content manually as well. Brainvire’s team developed API which supposed to be integrated into the system and every submission done on the site can pass through eUnagi’s moderation engine.


Whether it is a text, audio, or video file, eUnagi is a perfect fit for checking the profanity. It is essential to protect your readers and users from offensive content. To address this concern, eUnagi is stepping up the content moderation through the intelligent technology concepts.


Based on algorithms and with a strong human-AI approach to image, video, and text moderation, eUnagi can be helpful to many websites such as shopping, web portals, dating, recruitment sites, educations sites, and so on.


With the help of eUnagi, Student-based website resulted in a smoother process which saves the time and cost eliminating manual checks on the content.


About eUnagi:


eUnagi, a complete automated content profanity checker is an essential tool for content profanity developed by Brainvire. It has wide use cases to automate the moderation process and it is proven as an effective tool for renowned organizations.



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