eUnagi : A Cognitive Solution To Automate The Content Verification
eUnagi : A Cognitive Solution To Automate The Content Verification
October 16, 2017

By creating milestones that are sure to change the way we operate abusiness, eUnagi is one of the smartest and complete content profanity verification solutions to automate the business processes.


16th October 2017 Mumbai, India


Leveraging expertise and insights to craft unbeatable solutions, Brainvire has launched intellectual profanity solution that can manage, authenticate, and secure the digital content.


As the world is rapidly moving towards automated, efficient, AI-based technology solution, web and mobile app development for business is a necessity. There is a wide range of solution available for business process management, content management systems, customer relationship management, analytical tools, marketplace integration, and so on.


“Maybe you’ve just setup an ecommerce venture or you’re running a large-scale enterprise, efficient business management is a huge factor to measure your success. In this cut-throat competition, automating the business processes can be beneficial for you as you can invest your time in business expansion. Following a similar approach, eUnagi can automate the content verification solution that can fetch and moderate the content with the help of smart, intelligent insights. We look forward to developing more such products that can help you to build an efficient business.” said Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire.


eUnagi’s: An Intelligent Profanity Solution


At the present time, right from the news platform, media, ecommerce, and content management website, the war often takes place against the use of obscenities. Not for the textual presentation, images and videos are also part of content profanity.


This comprehensive solution will address your needs by leveraging artificial intelligence. Automated tagging and filtering can save your lot of efforts and time that ultimately results in business growth.


eUnagi is the complete solution that can be used for filtering, tagging, forensics, and moderation of the content. The use of machine learning algorithm and rapid execution are at the center of this solution.


The highlights of the eUnagi Software:

  • Comprehensive profanity solution
  • Automated image tagging and image optimization
  • Campaign management
  • Image and video processing
  • Content aggregation
  • Big data analysis

Covering overall verification aspects, eUnagi is one of the intelligent and advanced tools to verify your content and deliver a significant result within certain time frame.


To build a brand following best content strategy, management, and verification, products like eUnagi can help.


Who Can Equipped With eUnagi To Fight Against Profanity?


The artificial-intelligence based eUnagi can help identify the offensive content including visual content. Additionally, eUnagi can filter and moderate the content using facial expressions, tags, and larger knowledge base.


This software can also be used in forensics to identify the objectionable elements and assist in image forgery, altered visuals, and so on. eUnagi completely interprets the need for digital content verification and executes the exact same thing. Right from the analysis, moderation, filtration, elimination, and submission, eUnagi provides acomplete package of content management.


It can be used in various industry domain that is content-rich such as news, media, ecommerce, insurance, CMS to get benefited by the AI-driven solution.


About eUnagi:


eUnagi offers complete profanity solution for a wide range of industry verticals to automate the content management and verification. Organizations can be noticeably benefited by it as it automates many verification aspects of content regardless of your business type.


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