Brainvire Launches Modern Image Tagging Tool with Innovative Features
Brainvire Launches Modern Image Tagging Tool with Innovative Features
January 24, 2018

Brainvire’s successful product, eUnagi has enabled metadata tagging to images.


MUMBAI, January 24, 2018. eUnagi, one of the successful modern products from Brainvire, is dedicated to reducing the manual process by introducing smart ways to maintain the digital content.


eUnagi provides AI-based content profanity verification solution to automate the manual content verification process. Along with this, this application can be used by the user to tag the Metadata to images. Using this application bulk images will be tagged at a time which is most useful for managing photos, storing appropriate information, and handling metadata.


Let us provide you a highlight on Image Metadata:


What is Image Metadata?


• Image metadata refers to the text-based details relevant to image itself

• It can be added manually and edited through dedicated software


How Is Image Metadata Useful?


Image Metadata is useful for contextualizing or recognizing visual information. Back in time, we used to write the information on the back side of the photo. With the remarkable increase in digital photos and its management, image metadata is an essential for cataloging.


It is also an important set of practices that can shield your intellectual property. At this present time, where there are countless photos are captured and uploaded to the web, proper storage is needed. Also, the mobile phone is the foremost reason that has caused the extra-use of cameras and prerequisite of smart ways to manage the images.


eUnagi: Smart Solution to Tag Metadata to Images


This image tagging application aids in digitization of the process that is smoother, faster, and accurate.


You can also manage image mapping effectively through this software. This desktop-based image tagging application allows users to tag multiple images at the same time.


Here’s the list of actions you need to follow for automated image tagging: The user will have to maintain an excel sheet which will have the metadata like Filename (Image filename), Title, Application Name, Copyright, Author, Creation Date, Rating, Tag, Date Taken, Comments, Headlines Source, City, Country, Prostate, Credits etc.


Tag multiple images metadata at a single point of time by simply passing the image folder and excel sheet with metadata.


Additionally, you can create your new mapping that is associated with the relevant images and set of descriptions.


It is an important factor to manage your digital assets. There is a lot more option out there, but to choose best amongst them can be tricky. eUnagi’s seamless functionality is built with the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can help fulfill the objectives of modern web solutions.


About eUnagi:


eUnagi is complete profanity filter tool which eliminates offensive content and gives feedback on the rejection. It is specifically designed to automate the content verification process and to make the content intelligent, safe, and verified.



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