Out Of Bound Profanity On Screen – Do We Have A Solution?
Out Of Bound Profanity On Screen – Do We Have A Solution?
September 29, 2017

Our society’s comfort level with the use of offensive language and digital content has drastically shifted over past few years. Today, profanity in daily routine is nothing new. Whether its Social media, Journalism or entertainment sector, profanity is prevalent everywhere. If we talk about social media, the current generation is filled with filters. Some of us slap on photos like an insane but when it comes to words, we don’t hold ourselves back. No filters added.


Some of the people say that they resort to cursing because that’s the only way they can express their deepest frustration. Being human, we are constantly encouraged to take part in public discussions in online and offline mode and our voices do matter and make a difference. That’s true but remember, the world is a messed up place and it’s quite difficult to apply filter our words especially when we are encountered with the issues that offend our sensibility.


So, What Should We Do? Should There Be Any Profanity Standards In Journalism, Entertainment, Social Media Or Broadcasts?


Scroll down a little to find out what big leaders like Buzzfeed have to say about this.


“Swearing Will Become Common Internet Language In The Near Future” – Buzzfeed’sEditor


Further expanding the phrase, BuzzFeed’s executive editor, Shani O. Hilton said – “We do speak the language of the internet which is quite jovial and profane in nature.” She further exclaimed- “Profanity is permitted on BuzzFeed, and lack of professionalism for language usage has made BuzzFeed one of the leading journalism company that breaks the hindrance of content usage in editorial and video articles. If a company like Buzzfeed continue with such trend, swearing will not be so far to become common internet language in near future”.


Disney-Owned ABC TV Has Most Profanity


Well, profanity in television is nothing new. A recent study by parents television council found that various broadcast networks are creating and airing sexualized and adult content in an increasing channel. Below study examined the prime-time channels profanity and sexualized Content ratio.




Results state that Disney-owned ABC found majority instances of sexualized content and profanity by teens aged between 13-18 with 81 profanity instances and 42 sexual dialog ones. Remaining channels falls accordingly in the descending order.


As per the various scientific study, when children observe behavioral model by same-age children, they perceive that behavior as normal and acceptable.


So, now the question arises is,


What Can Parents Do To Limit Exposure Of Profanity?


In order to prevent your kids from hearing profane, you can consider a profanity filter to be incorporated in devices where your child views media. The good news is that there are myriad of profanity control options available in the market.


If you are looking for complete profanity solution right from fetching and moderation text, audio, video, and image, eUnagi is the best solution.


Some More Reasons to Choose EUnagi


EUnagi software offers myriad of services like:

  • Profanity checking
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  • Forensic
  • Content Moderation

Want To Deliver Better Engagement Experience To Users Through Safe, Secure And Authentic Content?


If yes, eUnagi is the best solution. Safeguard your business with abusive and profane content and deliver better engagement experience to users. Contact us now to explore more.


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