Automated Profanity Check for India’s Leading Information Provider
Automated Profanity Check for India’s Leading Information Provider
October 19, 2018

About Client

With more than 3 million readers all over the country, the client is one of the largest information providers in India. In order to provide the accurate information to the readers, the client has to collect a huge magnitude of data in the form of images and content.



However, providing information while keeping the integrity of the content intact was starting to become a tough challenge for the client. The client wanted to ensure that the images are free from any inappropriate content either by detecting and modifying the profanity or by completely eliminating them. Also, the client was in pursuit of a solution that can take care of every profanity driven content in a less time-consuming manner.


Our Solution

We, at eUnagi, saw the potential in the client’s challenges and had a couple of brainstorming sessions with them. As a result of to-and-fro discussions with the client, it was decided to develop an app that could click, collect, check, and distribute the images in an automated manner.


Our team of developers developed the Paparazzi mobile app for the client that allowed them to click hundreds and thousands of pictures quickly and runs an automated profanity check over them prior to distributing the information to various nodes in their network.


We were able to achieve such high standards for our solutions because of the eUnagi services that we integrated into our solution. As a result, the machine learning enabled app can remove any profanity found in the content by services like Face-Recognization, Emotion Recognition, Place Recognition, etc.


The client can now offer an unhindered connectivity to its paparazzi and can provide authentic information in a decent language in a hassle-free manner.


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