Why Do You Need A Content Moderation For Your UGC Website?
Why Do You Need A Content Moderation For Your UGC Website?
January 31, 2018

The subject of this post has taken place before few months when there was an increasing demand for UGC(User Generated Content).


In case if you don’t know what UGC is, here you can get the answer.


UGC refers to content that is generated by users on various platforms such as social media, ecommerce, and on any other service-oriented platforms. It involves mainly the opinions, choices, interest, decisions, and views of the customers that are publically visible to the other users or visitors on the particular site.


For example, product reviews, content on social media, blogging, micro-blogging, forums, structured or unstructured posts, audio files, video, images, and any form of content that is created and posted on sites, is called as UGC.


Here in this post, we are going to discuss the rise of UGC and how it is being managed by advanced profanity filters.


We can see the significant change in the user interaction through the UGC. In order to maintain the credibility of this content, websites are monitored by the website content moderators to protect the users from offensive content.


This is the current scenario as of now.


But how do you manage the manual moderation if there is plenty of posts and contents are being uploaded to websites?


Yes, we are talking about social media or any other community-based website that receives thousands of uploads per seconds.


Here automated profanity filtration comes in.


How can you automate the content moderation process?


To reduce time and costs that are involved in manual moderation here is an effective way.


eUnagi: A Complete and Powerful Profanity Filter Tool


Whenever talk comes to moderate the profanity, there are plenty of automated software tools available. The primary function of this kind of software is eliminating the offensive words/content based on the predefined dictionary or an algorithm.


Profanity filters are widely used in chat rooms, video, audio, blogs, and forums to shield the users from profanity. There are many protocols have been designed that affect the site’s visibility and ranking factors if profanity is found in the website content.


This process is not the content filtration.


It is one of the advanced ways to automate the content moderation and save your readers or users from offensive content. Whether it is a text, images, audios, or videos, content moderation tool can help you out.


eUnagi is one such software, based on artificial intelligence that moderates the content with efficiency and gives the feedback on rejection/elimination of the offensive language usage.


How Can AI-Based Eunagi Help Website Owners?


The machine learning algorithm of the software integrates with the system and executes on the submission of the content.


With the extensive analysis, use of advanced technologies, and smoother executive interface, eUnagi brings efficiency, rapidity, and security in the content moderation process before it gets published.


The internet-enabled capability becomes unanimous across the industry and organizations. It is all about user experience and sharing the transparent vision among the marketers and visitors. The software like eUnagi is helpful in such case by intelligently checking your content to remove the profanity.


Whether it is an ecommerce site, social networking site, forums, or blogs, eUnagi performs best checks that are based on AI and returns the best result.



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