Machine Learning- Advance Features for Database With SQL Server
Machine Learning- Advance Features for Database With SQL Server
November 23, 2017

With the continued deployment of technology in the field of commerce. Entrepreneurs are opting for the same to enhance the capability of the present business. From the physical store to digital commerce, things have changed a quite lot. In the shorter version, things around the businesses are changing quickly. If you are already running an e-commerce store, you should also opt for the latest technology like AI, IoT, and Big data. These innovations play a vital role in targeting a number of potential customers. At the same time, you will able to maintain production work and business effectively. Let’s don’t move so fast on a sensitive topic. In this blog, we will understand what are the trending technology in the market and how they affect your business environment?

Some of the trending technology is Machine learning tool to coordinate with data science and SQL server for a better understanding of database and at the same time for fast productivity. To help you with the technical stuff, I have divided this blog into three main sections; AI, the database and SQL server (R and Python).

The database

Collecting the data of the customers are the best thing to do to earn more money with online business. The database can help to understand customers and target them. Companies like Amazon are investing huge amounts to develop the database. You can also do the same for targeting potential customers.

The major problem in utilizing the database is arranging and finding the particular information in the datasheet. Not to worry, Microsoft recently launched a new feature for data platform, including SQL Server 2017.

After the successful launch, machine learning and data science with SQL server have got many attentions. It has the greater functionality to overcome many business problems.

Machine learning with SQL server

The new SQL server is designed with R and Python for machine learning, which helps in using thedatabase directly. You don’t have to extract or understand separately. This new feature allows you to find relevant data faster and gives you quicker results. By this, you don’t have to perform the data query. This sounds easier for analyzing, research, and representation.

R works as statistical analysis experts. By this, data will be arranged in the more systematical way. Which makes it easier for you to find information. Whereas Python will do programming to ease your work.

For more information, you can visit the official site.

Artificial Intelligence

With the help AI, leaders are able to execute real-time data and analyze the same for better understanding the present scenario of the business and customers. For big guys (companies), AI has become the essential part of running a successful business in the market. They are able to provide high-end services to customers by knowing them better. From business maintenance to customer interaction, AI is everywhere to enhance and simplify humans like.

Some AI tools

Machine learning: -The Machine learning has the capability to perform an action like repairing down the system (bugs) and improving application function for better output. Here technology learns by itself and works on human conditions.

Deep learning: – This is where the fun begins. Deep learning helps in the understanding the data representation of machine learning. By this, the database is arranged in systematic location and totally interpret the logs like business statistics and customers’ needs.

Online Profanity Checker: – Software like eUnagi and much other software Works on AI which helps in removing vulgarity and enhancing digital content automatically. Facebook and Twitter also use for maintaining the flow of content.

Assistance: – AI is proven to be very helpful in assisting human thought the day. Assistance like Siri, Google assistance, and Amazon Alexa are a perfect example of AI.

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