Know The Difference Between a Profanity Filter and a Content Moderation Tool
Know The Difference Between a Profanity Filter and a Content Moderation Tool
December 28, 2018

Content moderation, profanity/ swear filter censors content in a number of ways. These filters/ tools allow companies & brands to prevent & protect against spam and unwanted contents.
In fact, the sites you visit or your family or especially children, with the available plugins you can clean up the bad languages and such a service you can get at eUngai! But, people get confused in between these 2 terms- profanity filter & content moderation.

If you don’t understand the difference in between profanity filter & content moderation you might end up selecting the wrong software to moderate your content. Trust me, this step is really important and that’s why I will explain the points to clear your confusion between profanity filter & content moderation.

By the end of this blog, I believe you will be confident enough to make the right decision with the right knowledge.

Let’s start with the profanity filter.

Profanity Filter

Profanity filter or software that is a perfect option for user-generated contents, such as- blogs, communities, forums, children’s website, in-game chat, social media campaigns and a lot more!

The profanity filter captures profanity and eliminates the nuisance from a content.

What you can expect from a profanity filter? Here are some services that a profanity filter provides but all these depends on your business requirement.

  • Accurate filtering of 18+ languages with flexibility.
  • Identify inappropriate phrases and words in text content.
  • Once you set the filter, the filter allows only acceptable words and phrases.
  • Phone, URL & email filter(user protection).
  • Filters profanity in multiple languages
  • Choose a trusted profanity filter that you or your team can easily integrate into any other internet platform.

The truth is, no profanity filter is 100% accurate, but an up-to-date software of profanity filter can check, handle, and decide if the words are profane or not.

Talking about the profanity, if you are the Facebook business owner or that particular page’s owner, you have the authority to choose profane words and decide which ones should be posted.

Benefits are-

  • You will get a professional page
  • Retain customers
  • Easy to set up
  • Freemium and free versions are available

Now, let’s have a look at the content moderation.

Content Moderation

Nowadays people of all ages are almost familiar with large-sized mobile games, where you can chat with cross-server people. And, all are real human across the globe. There you can expect disruptive behavior, abusive content is content that is not suitable for players below 18 years of age.

Moreover, content moderation tools assist you to moderate community efficiently than any other simple profanity filter. In fact, you can escalate alarming contents such as child exploitation, suicide threats when you notice such contents or texts on the portal or chat platform. You can take automatic action too specifically on accounts that post disruptive content.

Lastly, there are pros and cons for both profanity filter and content moderation tool, but if you select the right one after going through this blog, be assured- you will take the right decision for your online platform & community.

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