Don’t Let Unsatisfactory Images On Your Website Make Users Unhappy, Take Action To Prevent It!
Don’t Let Unsatisfactory Images On Your Website Make Users Unhappy, Take Action To Prevent It!
February 2, 2018

With every passing day, individuals are engaging themselves more and more with the internet, meanwhile utilizing it to the best of ability. Moreover, the content that is available online is becoming secured and available easily.


However, at the same time, you need to protect every user data, their privacy, and control of information. These things play a very important role; a user might get offended from certain information. To control the flow of information, you need to utilize software like eUnagi.


eUnagi is a tool used to manage the digital content that is on the website. According to your commands, this software removes information like improper, offensive or vague text, images or videos from the website automatically. Here, the software API is specially designed to function on specific tasks to protect information on the site.


How Does The Process of Image Tagging Work?


eUnagi Tagging software has a tool called Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which auto-detects every image that is uploaded on the network to scan documents, photos, PDF, or any electronic image for identifying offensive content, or content that is not set to be a part of social network. Another use of this tool is to recognize images by their content of information. This makes it easy for you to search specific information in the images. This data can be handwritten documents, statistics, secured documents like passports, receipts or anything. eUnagi software is developed with OCR technology which is part of pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, and computer vision. It also identifies images by text-to-speech reorganization for better results.


• Upload the images or links

• Software will analyze the content and store the data

• Services and delivery


Should Your Business Use Eunagi Software?


Services that heavily deal with document scanning, image finder, social networking sites, and any business. This can be a very good tool for filtering and optimizing the image contents faster.


Example: The online medical stores have to read every prescription and identify them carefully to pack the medicine. At the moment, they hire human resources to read the uploaded prescription and then proceed to the next step.


With the help of a eUnagi tool, the software will automatically identify the prescription and make a good electronic document, so it is easy to ready and proceed to next step. This is time-saving and obviously money saving option.


What Are The Benefits You’re Entitled To?


• A faster way to read electronic documents

• Control the information flow on your site

• Image moderation and automation detection of information according to your needs.

• Block offensive content directly


Why Should You Choose Us?


eUnagi software is tested with the latest technology and frequent updates to enhance the skills of the software. We are always available for helping you with the problems and queries.


• 24/7 support and maintenance.

 • Complete website content optimization, including video, and text.

• Filtering tools, AI, big data analyses, machine learning, and complete digital content solution.

• Leading software in the market.


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