Is content profanity a ‘slow poison’ that is killing your SEO rankings? Read on to find out…
Is content profanity a ‘slow poison’ that is killing your SEO rankings? Read on to find out…
July 3, 2018

Profanity, or obscenity is existent in our day-to-day lives, and we are keen on contemplating ideas to avoid it altogether.


Also, it is a well-known fact that content profanity is highly dominant in the virtual world. 47% of Facebook walls contain profane content.


So, ever wondered how the various search engines tackle this menace? Or does it even bother them at all?


Let’s have a look on this issue with a broader perspective –


Google moderates user generated content?


SEO professionals and businesses alike go to great lengths so as to secure a decent rank in Google’s SERP! And getting a good ranking is indeed a moment of celebration.


As a web designer or business owner, you have taken utmost care to keep your website free of any derogatory, explicit content that might offend your target audience. As the popularity of your website soars higher, so does the User Generated Content (UGC) that your site handles.


UGC consists basically of user feedbacks, reviews, opinions, etc. Obviously no one has a control over it. After all, we live in a democratic society that entitles us to freedom of expression, with exceptions! It cannot be denied that most of the controversies in the digital community are created due to undesirable UGC.


Now comes the interesting point! Does having offensive UGC content on your webpage affect its search rankings?


There is no correct answer to this question. Technically, Google does not directly filter out offensive content, but at the same time discourages such stuff. That being said, it allows its users to voluntarily use specific filters such as SafeSearch, Safe Browsing. These features use various pre-defined algorithms to filter out the displayed results.

content profanity

So, the ball is in the users’ court. And Google stays out of the game, or rather prefers to!


Long-term consequences of profanity –


Anything in excess is not good!


Websites indulging in content profanity are disregarded by users. Profanity might not be much of an issue for the youth, but sensitive audience have their own hesitations in this regard.


Content profanity is not always about being explicit. It also encompasses words or statements that are used to create an ‘effect’ on the readers’ mind. And remember, this planet is inhabited by diverse people, with different cultural backgrounds and language barriers too. Thus, the writer’s good intentions can backfire.


Also, using substandard content creates a lack of trust among the viewers.


And needless to say, the website’s reputation is at stake in this endless game of profanity.


What can be done about it?


When putting in content for your website, use your own discretion. Posting overrated content simply to make it appealing could cost your brand its reputation.


UGC can’t be avoided, but can be used to your advantage in order to build the credibility of your business.


Now, this is the point where technology has a role to play. AI has evolved greatly and so has the API-related solutions. There are automated programs out there, which take care of content profanity all by themselves. You just have to sit back and relax!


eUnagi is one such API-based platform, developed on a base of cognitive intelligence. It is offered as a SaaS and is the one-stop solution for everyone’s content moderation needs.


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