Content Moderation for Eliminating Profanity & Offensive Data
Content Moderation for Eliminating Profanity & Offensive Data
December 21, 2017

Humans have a tendency to react to certain things that they find harmful or offensive. Moreover, they don’t even want to get in contact with such humiliated content for protecting their emotions towards certain subjects like religious point view, political aspects, human or sexual abuse. Even when they are browsing information on the internet, their rights are protected and they use filters for getting the right information. These filters block information which they are not supposed to come across. These type of tools are mostly used on social media tools, website content, and search engines.






Facebook allows the user to publish any content they like, although Facebook community understands the importance of copyright and abusive content. So, they have made terms and conditions so clear that the user can control what information comes to their newsfeed and they can report it for abusive content. Hereafter, the community will moderate the content, and if they find manipulation, they will remove it before anyone can make a judgment.

    Online Profanity Checker Software



YouTube uses moderate tool to ensure every video that is uploaded to the network doesn’t contain copyrights and sensitive content. So when the video is uploaded, the software will detect the content and decide whether to allow the user to publish or not.

  • This is necessary for protecting human rights and blocking violation in the website can give user privacy. It’s like stopping people from smoking in public places.

World Full of Digital Content


Nowadays, people spend most of their time on the internet to browse information. Digital content is uploaded by other people who think that information can help others. But that is where you come in, you need to prove and decide the category of the content. Now going over all the content that is uploaded can be the toughest and stupid thing in today’s world.


Thanks to humankind for inventing technology like automation, AI, IOT and most importantly smart devices. These technology protects user data and helps them to find appropriate content easily. You can also utilize tools like moderation for profanity, audio & video, including images.


44% improvement in the Content

  Moderation Tools

User depends on you for good and reliable content. To censorship digital content, moderation tool can be a good option. Moderation software is specially designed to detect the profanity content and take appropriate action to remove it. All you have to do is upload the content on the software and your work will be done. Here are some of the important functions of moderation tools.

  Artificial Intelligence

Image Tagging


To make sure images don’t contain any kind of vulgarity. Image moderation tool automatically scans electronic documents and remove the images which are against your terms and conditions.


You can set the parameter according to your targeted audience. Now, you don’t have to waste time in correcting images or identifying content. Software like eUnagi can save you lots of money and you can also put your resource into doing more productive work.


100% chance to eliminate mistakes


Video Moderation


Studies have shown that visual has more capability to influence.


When it comes to video, you need to go frame by frame to check the content. Obviously, you have more task to do on your hand, but can’t even ignore this or totally rely on modern tools. Point being, you need a system that you can trust. A system that checks video content manually and automatically. This will ensure video quality, content, errors, and manipulation. There are companies that offer these services, including video marketing.


Audio Moderation


Audio files contain more information and hidden message. Here, you need to analyze, edit, match frequencies, and remove unwanted voices.


Audio moderation is important to improve the clarity of the audio file. Here, we have to rely on human only, they have the capability of editing and listening to 100+ files to moderate them. If you take services of eUnagi software, you can ensure 100% surety of your project with a manual checkup and report each and every file.




To keep your customer happy with your services, you need to opt for digital content moderation software. Another benefit digital content moderation is you will be able to eliminate mistake before you publish it. content moderation plays a very important role in keeping your company’s profile good.

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