Can Content Moderation Bring An End To Profanity?
Can Content Moderation Bring An End To Profanity?
October 17, 2017

If your business operates online or focuses heavily to establish their online presence than user-generated content is an important tool to build its trust and brand recognition. Today, 50% or more consumers find user-generated content to be more trustworthy and memorable as compared to any other form of media. Almost 30% of the search results are directly linked to user-generated content.


Though user-generated content is highly approachable and in vogue, still publishing UGC without any validation invites a good amount of risk. Though intangible or abstract in nature, it may create a serious impact on brand value. How do you ensure that users portray your brand in proper light? How will you protect your visitors from profane or harmful content?


How Do We Stop Bad UGC From Being Uploaded The answer is content moderation. A scalable content moderation process lets you publish high volume user-generated content while protecting your brand reputation, customers, and your bottom-line.


If your business solely depends on UGC, the answer is simply – You cannot. You can’t stop users from uploading whatever comes in their mind. What you can do is, you can control the content from being published under the brand and community that you are working on. There are many other ways out, you can safeguard your brand against profane or irrelevant phrases and words,


For Instance:

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Review companies like Glass Door and Trip Advisors solely rely on pre-moderation. This means, whenever a user submits a review for any hotel or a company, it undergoes a review process before getting live and visible to the users. This can even take up to few days or week, depending upon the content queued up to be reviewed.


Peer-To-Peer Moderation – Most Popular Approach Adopted By Brands Like Facebook, Instagram & YouTube


Here, users are expected to flag or report the content that they found irrelevant or offensive. Then, another group of users with higher access level has administrative rights to remove violated content. Such method is commonly used by famous brands like Facebook, Twitter, and forums such as Reddit or Wikipedia where users are allowed to moderate published content if found profane.


So, Is There Any System/ Software Available To Screen out The Website’ S Content?


Yes, Absolutely!


eUnagi leverages Web Content moderation system that identifies the objectionable content from a website or web page and reports its source to the user. It acts like a crawler engine that crawls through the entire content and finds out any kind of offensive data in it. Hence, the users can ensure that their content is safe from harmful contents or any kind of forgery.


By verifying your contents through web content certification system of eUnagi Global, you can ensure that only safe content reaches out to the users for better and harmless user experience. Contact us now to validate your content.


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