Can Digital Forensics Stop Image Forgery?
Can Digital Forensics Stop Image Forgery?
September 29, 2017

Take any industry, highly dependent on images like medical imaging, journalism, criminal forensics, surveillance systems, AI services etc. is affected by image forgery. In today’s era, there are heavy chances of tampering with evidence even if it’s an image. The market is flooded with the software that produces fake images. But there are few systems which can accurately detect the tempering with the image.


Image processing tools have increased challenges of digital forensics

Image processing tools such as Photoshop, Picasa etc.can alter the images in a way that there can’t find an obvious evidence of image forgery with your basic skills. At one point, these tools help in beautifying images, using them in an accurate way to increase business or for personalized use. But at another side, the existence of such toolsdrives towards anincrease in criminal activities, too simultaneously.


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The digital image forgery crimes such as tempering with cheques and currency notes are very common now. Plus, manipulation with wills, financial documents, government documents, tax documents is happening on large scale and the digital solutions struggle to acknowledge that.Digital forensics has reached to an extensive level in terms of image forgery but haven’t gone that far.


What’s the solution given by digital forensics for image forgery?

The image manipulation detection is a very crucial thing because it can be an evidence in many criminal cases, in financial forgery cases, ethical journalism, and the fields where truth & justice are at stake.


One, the basic thing started many years ago was digital certificates. Canon and Nikon, the camera manufacturers addressed this problem and started making the camera systems that produce pictures with an asecure digital certificate issued.This was considered to be an end of image forgery. But the Russian image processing firm proved it wrong by easily forging the images without leaving any digital proof of image tampering. So unfortunately, this solution didn’t work.


Now, in market, some image forgery detection tools are available which can help you against image profanity. Brainvire’s eUnagi Solution is such powerful tool that can provide 360-degree support for any image forgery related issue. This solution comes in a bunch of API which can easily plug with the software and which examines the offensive images and content within the file systems. An API is equipped with web-based forgery detection, too. All you need to do is to upload an image and immediately, the application will share the forgery status along with other details such as fraud scores, analysis, and comments.


Bottom Line,

As image processing systems are enhancing, digital crimes are also increasing. eUnagi services have implemented latest AI driven algorithms to detect digital profanity including image forgery that can help digital forensics significantly and reduce the tempering of image evidence helping humanity.


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