By eunagi January 18, 2019

In recent times, cognitive computing or cognitive cloud has emerged as an important tool for…

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By eunagi December 28, 2018

Content moderation, profanity/ swear filter censors content in a number of ways. These filters/ tools…

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By eunagi November 20, 2018

What is UGC? User-generated content (UGC) is the original digital content that is created and…

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By eunagi October 24, 2018

In spite of all the hype about profanity filters and related software, profanity continues to…

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By eunagi September 30, 2018

Profanity filters, or swear filters, as they are known have indeed done a reasonable job…

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By eunagi September 10, 2018

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which, whilst giving an honest opinion…

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