Beep! Beep! There’s an Audio Profanity!!!
Beep! Beep! There’s an Audio Profanity!!!
May 8, 2018

That day Tim was giving a slide after slide presentation to the potential client. Everything was going too smoother, the client seemed to be convinced with the idea. So Tim was quite happy about it. He deliberately kept the client testimonial for the last section. He was under an impression that the audio and video version of client testimonials will leave a strong impact on that person’s mind but what happened was quite opposite. One of the testimonials referred to the word ‘fanny pack’ which means ‘bottom’ as per American English and the potential client was from an England where the same word means ‘Vagina’. Now, you can imagine what might have happened there! This is where audio profanity filter comes in the picture.


Audio profanity or video profanity is something to be checked against not only relevant country’s guidelines but also other geographical area terminologies as well. Tim’s case was pretty simple since he directly got to know why the client was upset and got a chance to explain. But what about your hundreds of brand promotion videos or audios swimming in a wide sea of an internet? Here, none is going to tell you why the promotional content couldn’t appeal? Can your business afford to lose a potential customer just because of a profanity (Which could be solved way easily)?


To stop the brand image ruining, a text, video, image or an audio must be minutely filtered against all the standards.


The question here is, “How?”


With human eyes and ears, it’s certainly tedious, tiresome and error-prone process to check for profanity. Plus, it’s highly impossible for a person to have a vocabulary of almost all leading languages.


What Next?


It’s a digital era where Artificial Intelligence have roared to a higher extent! Of course, there are IT companies (but very few) who provides content profanity filter software and APIs. Just pass your content through software or plug in an API into your system and get set go!


How does an audio profanity moderation work?


Talking about audio profanity moderation, a classic audio profanity filter is built on machine learning using cognitive intelligence. One idea is to populate the dictionary and get your content checked against the same. Whenever a new profane word is introduced, someone will have to add it to the dictionary. Now, the cognitive solution finds its way on its own. This means that the solution is integrated with different sources and adds the new profane words without manual intervention.


The machine learning based content profanity checker inculcate algorithmic moral ethics into the system so that any expletive content can’t go viral. In the internet era, the content tagging is inevitable for children and teens. An intelligent audio moderation software verifies an audio and also tags it weather child-safe or not. Plus, embedding beep-beep sound is also performed automatically!

Moreover, the Audio profanity checker fast tracks the thousands GB of Data in few seconds only and saves an enormous amount of time and efforts!


The content profanity checker isn’t an overhead, it’s worth an investment!


Lastly, before opting for a content profanity solution, analyze it against future possibilities. If a particular solution sounds promising enough to strive in the competition, go for it!


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