Automate The Flow of Content by Upgrading to eUnagi Software
Automate The Flow of Content by Upgrading to eUnagi Software
October 25, 2017

Making a good progress in online commerce is very important for future business, at the same time building a good relationship with customers for further interaction is essential. As the field of ecommerce is increasing, people will look for trusted dealers, who can deliver excellent services. If you wish to continue the support of your customers, you should enhance your store power with the latest technology like AI, machine learning, database, and custom CMS.


In the near future, AI will perform basic tasks that we perform on paper such as paperwork (82%), scheduling (79%), and timesheets (78%) for business activity.


By 2020 75% of the businesses will run with the help AI for better efficiency and marketing.


AI, machine learning, and other advanced tools will play a very important role in digital commerce. This benefits your business from all the angles and gives you the power of managing company more effectively.


Here are some of the benefit of using smart eUnagi automated system for managing digital content and eCommerce


Automation process


This is a great tool for managing content and publishing on the web at the right time. Once this software is up and running, it will help you out to manage your content flow. The software helps you to verify it and make secure. Another advantage of eUnagi for digital content is that software optimizes image and video automatically increases website speed.


75% of the leaders use social media marketing to enhance business needs and attracting new customers. As the social media platforms allow entrepreneurs to publish visual assets.


Strong database


Gathering real-time customer data is important to know customers and their needs. If you are looking forward to selling more products, then eUnagi helps to create, gather, and analyzed data to enhance your brand reputation.


Even companies like Amazon, Google, are BIM are investing a huge amount in machine learning and big data analysis.


Image tagging


The eUnagi system automatically understands and analyzed the images and videos to secure the platform. The software also optimizes it and remove the violated images from the web. Another benefit of this tool is that system gives appropriate tags so the user can find images easily and you don’t have to waste time in tagging keywords.


Content moderation


Protecting content and verifying every content that is uploaded on the web is very difficult, and removing content that is effectual or dangerous is also very important to keep audience safe. There are tools like UGC that safeguards content, but that is not enough.


Even Facebook and Twitter use the advance content reporting tool to secure the content that flows on the network.


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Content moderation tool of eUnagi automatically removes the offensive content from the database that is harming your site policy.


Business strategy and analyzing


The eUnagi software is well designed to gather business data and analyze it, so you can improve marketing strategies and enhance promotional activity. The software prepares a graphical representation of data, according to your needs. This helps you in understanding the present business situation and where you can improve.


How eUnagi works?


You don’t need any coding skills to improve your digital content. The software is user- friendly, flexible, scalable, and faster.


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If you are in the trend of ecommerce and providing excellent services to customers, then using software like eUnagi can help you a lot to stay ahead of competitors and attract maximum customers. This doesn’t only help you to protect digital content, but also enhances web security. By using this software, you are protecting the business.


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