Artificial Intelligence to Minimize Online Profanity
Artificial Intelligence to Minimize Online Profanity
June 19, 2018

Profanity has always been a controversial topic. Actually, profanity is offensive and people who swear violate social norms of politeness. This is the reason why people see profanity as antisocial but on the other hand, some people think of them as a genuine way of conveying strong emotions. A recent paper attempted to solve this dilemma and based on three studies the authors concluded that profanity has a greater association with honesty. Though using profane language is considered not appropriate, but that depends on the type context and the tone of a post.




Content moderation is not easy but now we have many automated software tools available to moderate Profanity. This software eliminates the offensive words through a predefined dictionary or algorithms. The Profanity filters are mostly used in chat rooms, video, audio, and forums so that the users can be shielded from Profanity. Some protocols are also built to restrict the site’s visibility if the website content contains Profanity. The eUnagi is a software that uses artificial intelligence to moderate the content efficiently and it also gives the feedback of the restriction of offensive language usage.


Why automation?


First of all, it is tedious and tiresome work for a human eye and ears to check for Profanity. Second of all, it is highly impossible for a person to have a vocabulary of all languages. So, as we all know that we live in a digital world in which we can use artificial intelligence and the mankind has made it as simple as just putting it through the software and getting it filtered.


How eUnagi benefit the website owners?

  • The software is included with machine learning algorithm that integrates the system and implements on the submission of the content.
  • eUnagi extensively analyzes and uses the advanced technologies the content to bring efficiency.
  • The advanced technologies work on the quickness of the software.
  • A smoother executive interface makes the software look good and operate perfectly.
  • The software totally focusses on the transparent vision among the marketers and the visitors.

How does this work?


The software of eUnagi in a high profile profanity control system. This system moderates’ user-generated submissions. This profanity filter is highly reliable and can scan the given content with precision and can quickly remove all the improper text, audio, or videos. With the APIs you can be assured of the protection of your brand from user attrition, trolls, online predators and bullies with which inline community is disrupted. The SAAS based profanity filtering solutions is provided as a third party service which allows the client to enroll for API integration. These APIs are suitable for filtering profanity and image and video moderation from every content.


This is an advanced way to automate the content moderation and restrict your users from seeing offensive content. It doesn’t matter if it is a text, image, audio or a video content moderation can smooth your process. Go and protect your brand and grab the profanity control system by eUnagi.

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