Artificial Intelligence Has Intervened To Stop Digital Profanity!
Artificial Intelligence Has Intervened To Stop Digital Profanity!
August 25, 2017

Swearing is like a suicide bombing attack. Use of profane words can lead to an end of your career or your business!Can’t believe? Then, have a look at this. The advertisement containing ‘Damned if we do, but not if we don’t.’ received a response saying thead is too-frivolous and obscene. The whole world ran after the makers and finally, the ad had to be dismissed. Everything of the company including the image, brand, credit, relationships came at a stake. For many months company had to keep on clarifying intentions behind the ad. It was just an ad but when your business is run on content only, how can you check each and every content against profanity?AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the only hope left now.

  • It’s High Time for Artificial Intelligence to come into the Content industry to get rid of profanity!

Profanity or say swearing words make a hell lot of sense when it comes to business. Let’s go deeper into this. There was an experiment conducted on social media with a blog titled Why Successful People Are Douchebags. The deliberate effort was given a shape to specifically know how people react to profanity.Do you want to know what happened then?


• The open rate remained the same, didn’t increase.


• Received 136% more traffic but the revenue dropped by 26%.


• The business generated on that day went lower to days where there wasn’t any blog published.


This experiment tells that swearing isn’t a welcoming idea to create a buzz in masses.


Repercussions of Profanity On Business


• The company gets an impression like a crass, uneducated, and unsophisticated people’s company.


• The brand and the relationships drop suddenly.


• Loss of customers and complexities gaining new customer rises.


• Overall profitability gets a huge impact.


• Recovering from it and coming back to original state takes months or sometimes years.


Cognitive Intelligence gets you rectify all the obscenity from your content.


A recent study revealed that by 2020, 95% of multimedia content like video, audio, and images will be inspected by digital tools, not humans.Artificial Intelligence would be a prime driver behind all these. Cognitive Intelligence is also a part of AI with capabilities to reason, plan, and involving experiences. IT industry has come up with some of the solutions addressing the profanity issue especially for content driven industries such as insurance, education, news, entertainment, and manufacturing.


The Automated Digital Asset Management Solution saves a lot of time, efforts, and huge cost involved in rectifying manually.


Facebook has offered a functionality for keyword moderation block-list and profanity blocklist. These features automatically filter every posts and comment in order to prevent account blocking of your business page. This small move can give a huge contribution in establishing and retaining the brand of your business or career.


eUnagiis the first of its kind solution that helps in verifying each type of digital media content including text, images, audio, and video. eUnagi is crafted with the combination of all possible AI driven concepts such as machine learning algorithms and cognitive intelligence.The process to avail its services is by submitting URL of your content or by opting out for product API.


Let’s take a glance at what eUnagi has to offer.


• Profanity


This excellent module checks the content against the pre-populated dictionary, eliminates vague or objectionable content and provides feedback for rejected content. API offers protection against user attrition, trolls, bullies, and online predators ruining the brand of your business.


• Tagging


This high-end AI driven module captures the facial expressions, objects, and even living things from the content and tags them with proper words.


• Tagging


This high-end AI driven module captures the facial expressions, objects, and even living things from the content and tags them with proper words.


• Forensics


The module is based on a content forgery. In the current high-end technical world, it’s really easy to alter the image or video. This application can directly give you a report on whether your submitted content is forged or not.


• Moderation


It’s a Web Content Certification that crawls through the submitted content, providing a report of forgery, helping in ensuring the safety of your content.


Closing Thoughts


We can’t afford to let profanity ruining the business or a brand image. Neither can we afford to waste time and money to rectify it everytime. Use of automated digital asset management system is the worth investment for keeping your content safe, authentic and trusted.

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