The Advantages of Video Moderation in The Digital Era!
The Advantages of Video Moderation in The Digital Era!
March 16, 2018

There is no horizon set in terms of digital transformation. Varied media contents are buzzing your smartphone galleries, emails, drive storage spaces etc.Every working area is using one of the media content that is “Video” to explain the workflow, promote business, entertainment, education etc. Every coin has two sides, so is the case with video moderation. It’s A-side definitely has benefits and B -side can shatter professional or personal world if manipulated by false hands.


There are three types of UGC Moderation and they are Content Moderation, Image Moderation, and Video Moderation. To maintain brand creditability industries are using Video Moderation techniques.  In today’s digital era if one wants his business to survive in competing world then he needs to adapt and implement all of the approaches. Video Moderation is vast area; talking in terms of benefits it can escalate your business in short time, below are two work domains who have reached people out globally by holding the finger of Video Moderation:

    • Education Sector: On different online platforms like education services providing websites, blog websites, student forums and portals etc, are bulked up with classes/lecture videos; practical implementation of theory tasks videos etc and all of them are highly interactive. Such approach has widened the scope of literacy by collapsing classroom walls.
    • Service providing sector: Any service you name all are hit by the wave of video, organizations are creating brand name via this medium and to make interactive they are also allowing users to post their experience of product usage videos on organizations social media platforms. Such method is efficient in creating brand buzz as online platforms are a hub where people from around the globe communicate and explore infinite services.

But all of these work domains do need to make sure that their content is not moderated maliciously. As the internet has its gates open for all, there are malign ways and techniques that can be used to modify your video content. Wrong hands are ready to make your Video medium malefaction. Now, you cannot become a gatekeeper and scan each and every video upload, to overcome this problem you need to use Video Moderation software that automatically filters and authenticates the content of the video that is uploaded. Such software is made by incorporating Artificial Intelligence means; its verification algorithms include values and ethics that are extremely important so that no person’s or business reputation is affected negatively.



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