About Us
“To be a technology leader that applies cognitive science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to digital content making the content smarter, competitively intelligent thereby creating contextual engagement with consumers, thus driving the business value. Our goal is to achieve highest levels of automation at a massive scale.”
Content fuels all digital business processes. Managing and exploiting content needs fundamental overhaul to the traditional existing approach. The distributed and diverse nature of content and its use for multiple purposes means that we can no longer meet enterprise needs with a single monolithic solution. The demand to make content more useful is forcing businesses to expand the conversation from “how we control” to “how we create, find, use, share, analyze and transform” content.
  • With the rise of automation and in digital transformation, 15% of workers will count on proactive services to discover, organize, and contextualize information by 2018
  • In order to discover new digital business revenue systems, the dynamic and machine-generated metadata will 50% vital to explore revenue visions by the year of 2018
  • By 2020, 40% of content management solutions will provide better insights tools that enable search functions such as proactive search, persons, and natural-language processing
  • 95% of graphical content, i.e., video and images will be inspected by machines, instead of humans, that offer a degree of automated analysis by 2020
  • By the year of 2020, with the help of graphing technology and analytics, 80% of content declared as records will be done automatically and efficiently
  • With the IT advancement, by 2020, the top 20 WCM vendors will provide natural-language-generation capabilities as part of their overall offering
An intelligent digital mesh is emerging to support the future of digital business and its underlying technology platforms and IT practices. Cognitive Services, Artificial intelligence (All, and machine learning are the means of injecting intelligence into new and existing things to form the intelligent digital mesh. Technology will be embedded in everything in the digital business of the future.
The need for agile and interactive approaches to larger, more diverse and more complex content repositories has grown. As a result, various analytical, context-aware and smart machine disciplines and technologies need to be applied to content management Applying these technologies enables unstructured information to be generated and mined for insight, competitive intelligence, contextual interaction and sentiment or opinion, thus driving business value.
We deliver a better engagement experience to your consumers by the means of conte.ualization of content delivery while it’s safe, secure and authentic.