6 Video Moderation Techniques that Help Saving Your Brand
6 Video Moderation Techniques that Help Saving Your Brand
April 5, 2018

Since the inception of 4G smartphones, the number of online video viewers is taking a giant leap day by day. YouTube has revealed some interesting facts,

  • Till now, the number of YouTube users is 1,300,000,000
  • Every minute 300 hours of videos get uploaded on YouTube
  • Daily, 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube

There could be many motives behind video uploads such as brand promotion, personal videos, entertainment videos, business news, educational videos, and much more. But the question is what to do with offensive videos? How to cross-check every video against profanity? The world is in the huge crisis of automated video moderation tools to combat suicide, murder, swearing, nudity, and terrorist activities based videos.

eUnagi offers a wide array of video moderation techniques that guarantee the brand strengthening.


End to End Moderation


This process scans the video entirely and checks for the violation of conditions predefined by the user or administrator. Because there are times when video preview doesn’t give a glance of profanity, the videos must be verified for policy violation here.


Flagged Video Moderation


When the business is in its initial phase and your budget is tight, this kind of moderation can serve the purpose and save your money. Here, the videos which were flagged by registered users or community members are given priority and checked against all guidelines. This is the most affordable method for startups and forums.


Frame By Frame Moderation


This type of moderation technique divides the video into multiple frames. Thereafter, each frame is inspected by automated software and gets checked as per the general guidelines or custom rules provided by the client. SMBs and even large enterprises opt for this method especially when the work revolves around the videos and images only.


Live Video Moderation


 If you own up a web portal where a live video chat utility is available for the users, then it becomes the crucial need for the constant checking of the video frame against profanity. Because, as of now Facebook has seen quite a dark side of the live video streaming and still working to make it more positive. By opting AI driven cognitive intelligence based solutions, the inspection of live video streaming is possible 24 X 7 and can be corrected or discarded at the same time.


Embedded Video-Content Moderation


Sometimes, the video is embedded with texts, snapshots, comments or other UGC (User Generated Content). The video doesn’t show any offensive frame but the embedded content does. This can’t be left behind. Now, this kind of Hybrid videos needs a special treatment and again an AI-based profanity checker is essential to save the brand value of your organization.


Hybrid Moderation (AI + Human)


AI is expanding its wings but nothing in this arena would be ever enough. To detect a human behavior will always be complicated. For example, a media house daily encounters with hundreds of videos. Now, to check every video manually is a tiresome, time-consuming and costly affair. Plus, to define offensiveness to automate is a complex one. So here an AI-based solution which is equipped with an offensiveness checker algorithm can help the business. Those videos who are caught with profanity will be directly rejected. The videos that came out clean will be sent further and those who are under the radar will be sent to manual checking team. Now, this is called Hybrid Moderation. Currently, many media giants are opting this method to keep the brand value intact and more trustworthy.


Wrapping Up


It takes years to create a brand in the market and one objectionable video can’t ruin it overnight. But this era is an internet driven era and the customers are of ROBO mindset (Research Online, Buy Online). Your brand reputation will be at stake if protective measures aren’t taken off. Video moderation is the one that secures your brand in an ocean of web media.